Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Secret Garden

garden with fresh mulch and compost pile

Ok, so it's no secret.  I have a garden.  It's a huge jungle that's taking over my yard.  Just this week, I went to work weeding and mulching.  There was really no need for all of that before since I planted so late in the season (we moved here in late April, and I didn't plant until mid-late May).  Now with many many days of rain, the vegetables (and weeds too!)  grew up overnight!  The cucumbers, squash, watermelon, pumpkin and one of the tomato plants that came up on its own all have buds on them.  No matter whether I get a huge harvest or I can gather just a bit, I wanted the experience of growing my own garden under my belt.  

Right before this picture was taken, I added much needed straw to the compost pile. My mulched leaves from last fall have long been gone, and I had to wait a bit for my straw that I bought to brown.  What a difference it makes though.  Since this photo was taken, I turned the pile again, and the compost is filled with pill bugs, and it is turning a rich black.  I'm really pleasantly surprised that the composting is turning out to be such a success!  My garden needs it too because the current soil is mostly clay with just one layer of peat that we spread underneath.

No matter what happens with the garden this year, I cannot count it as a total loss because I did so far harvest one thing!  If you have read this blog before, you probably know that I photograph the crop from the farm that comes each week from the CSA- well, here is my own crop photograph!  LOL

my first crop from my home grown organic garden
fourteen month old baby cloth diaper

Someone tried to eat my crop!  LOL

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