Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Thank You Lord

Fourteen month old girl

cloth diapers made with patterns from handmade home.
Pattern from Handmade Home: Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Materials into New Family Treasures colored thread inspired by Soulemama

organic pumpkins are blooming!

a tiny sunflower

Do you think any of them will be ready before it frosts?

two year old bare feet in the dirt.  That's what summer's about.

... for my nephew.  His sweet fun smile and calm demeanor is a pleasure.  I can't get enough of his cute baby chub too!

...for rain.  I thank you for this every week Lord, but how can I not?  My garden is thriving, and rain keeps making it better and better.

...for new friends.

...for my sweet girl and her love for soft blankets. 

...for new inspiration and vision.

...for a full rain barrel.

...for a huge crop share on the way!  My mouth is watering for watermelon, and I'm excited to try the farmer's recipes for fridge pickles and sauce. 

...for fresh eggs.  Egg sandwiches need to be dinner much more often if they taste that good with fresh tomatoes!

...for the chance to sleep "late." 

...for the adorable new nursery that Addie has.  It's such a blessing to me because I was never able to decorate a nursery before, and this one turned out so cute with things I already had.  (Maybe I should post pictures soon!)

...for the cute book, Today is the Birthday of the World, that came from the PJ Library today.  It is not only about honoring God by being the best you can be, but it also talks about how treating the planet kind is best since God created it.  

...for your Word.  I can never thank you enough for this.  It's your love letter to me, and it's my comfort.  It's my rock, and it's my motivation. 

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  1. It is a joy to read your list of thanks!
    God's word is a blessing in our lives.

    1. Thank you so much (and thanks be to God). What would I do without my faith?

  2. We get our eggs from a farm too. (A family friend) we ordered a cow as well like at the beginning of the year and spilt it between my sister and mom. A whole cow goes along way and it tastes better than store bought.

    1. We've been thinking of buying a cow and splitting it among family. I'm sure it would be amazing compared to store bought!