Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Want to Go Green? Some Ideas to Try.

I used to think that being a Christian and caring about the earth were opposites.  I'm not sure what made me think that, but I did.  Since then, I've come to a new understanding.  God created this planet for us, and it's in His Name that I care for it. The cool thing is that in making responsible choices for the earth, I've also been able to make healthier choices for my family and others as well.  In fact, my goals started with healthier choices for my family, and living more sustainably became a secondary interest. 

Eating on the new wood plates

I started simply.  Well, maybe not.  I started with cloth diapering...  BUT there are lots of simple things that I have done that I would like to share with you.  There are many more things that I have not tried but would like to, and I would like to share those with you as well.  If you are even the least bit interested in making a difference, just try one.  Don't overwhelm yourself- just pick the most simple thing on the list..  One thing at a time!

How you might try making a difference:

1. Shop fair trade.
2. Plant a tree.
3. Use a rain barrelon your house.
4. Set up a recycling station in your house including a place for plastic bags, metal, glass, plastic, and compost.
5. Compost in your back yard.
6. Plant your own garden.
7. Use products that are Champions for the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.
8. Buy secondhand.
9. Teach your kids to respect and value nature.
10. Eat organic or hormone-free food.
11. Turn the the lights off when you leave a room.
12. Use the power stripsthat turn off when appliances aren't in use.
13. Reuse large items when possible.
14. Turn the shower off while you soap up.
15. Swaddle your little one in cloth diapers.
16. Try geocaching.
17. Use rechargeable batterieswhen possible.
18. Carpool or use public transportation.
19. Walk or bike if possible.
20. Try to reduce runoff from your property.
21. Handkerchiefsaren't just pretty- they work great in place of tissues.
22. Set out a basket of cloth napkinsat meals.
23. Hang you clothes to dry.
24. Make your own cleaning supplies using simple ingredients like vinegar and baking soda.
25. Open the windows rather than running the AC.
26. Mix your own batch of laundry detergent.
27. Join a CSA.
28. Dye your Easter eggs with natural ingredients.
29. Remake old clothes into rags, toys, wipes, crafts, etc.
30. Donate unused items to charity.
31. Only buy what you will use.
32. Keep houseplants to clean your indoor air.
33. Pack your lunchin reusable containers.
34. Pour your drink into a water bottle.
35. Use glass, wood, or stainlesssteel cups and plates to avoid exposure to chemicals in plastic.
36. Eat on washable dishes.
37. Replace light bulbs with LED.
38. Avoid canned goods to limit exposure to BPA found in cans.
39. Make your own foodfrom scratch so you know what's in it.
40. Watch Food Inc.and An Inconvenient Truthto become informed on the issues.
41. Write a letter to the editor.
42. Buy products with little or no packaging.
43.  Wrap gifts in newspaper or artwork.
44. Make cloth gift bags and reuse paper gift bags.
45. Use no VOC paint.
46. Make your children's' pajamas or buy the tight fitting pajamasthat aren't treated with dangerous flame retardants.
47.  Set your thermostat one or two degrees lower in the winter.
48.  Wash clothes in cold water whenever possible.
49. Opt for woodentoysto avoid exposing your children to dangerous PVC toys.
50. Install a water- savingtoilet.
51. Cancel your phone book.
52. Get off of the list for junk mail.
53. Take the offer to "Go Green!"  on your bills.
54. Take reusable bags with you when you go shopping.  This doesn't work for just the grocery store but rather every store.
55. Buy local.
56. Inflate your tires, check your oil, and keep a clean air filter in your car.
57. Do your errands all at one time to reduce trips.
58. Shop at stores like IKEA that meet the highest worldwide standards for chemicals in their materials.
59.  Support small businesses.
60. Let your congressman know how you feel about chemical safety and other environmental issues.

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The baby eating from her wooden bowl

kid friendly and eco friendly


  1. those strawberries don't look natural, GMO if you ask me. Good tips except the IKEA, workers rights are important also hate to fuel a ship across the ocean for a new "natural" cutting board.

  2. Thank you for making this list, I found it helpful. I love the links for more info. #51 was something I've never thought about, cancel our phone book. I just recycled it this year without thinking but cancelling is a good idea for next year (we use old ones to press leaves but really how many of those do I need?)